Annual KAPAP Seminar – May 24th & 25th

It’s that time of year again!

Our annual KAPAP seminar is ready to go!

As you know one of the martial disciplines we draw upon at The Forge is that of Krav Panim El-Panim (face-to-face fighting otherwise knowns as “KAPAP” from Israel.

One of our instructors, Tim Holter, is the only KAPAP-certified instructor in Western Canada! Our special guest, Avi Nardia is also slated to be there!

The seminar is scheduled for the weekend of May 24th and 25th. Two days of intense training! We expect to have participants from a number of local schools. If you’re interested please drop us a line.

Cost for the 2 day seminar is $150.00 CAD / student. Participants aged 12 and under are half price at $75.00 CAD / student.

Any and all are welcome. We will be holding the event at the University of Calgary.

See our Facebook event for more details and to sign up: