The Forge Hosts KAPAP Seminar by Major Avi Nardia! May 4th & 5th, 2013!

As you may or may not know our martial teachings cover a wide range of Historical European Martial Arts, as well as, modern self defence techniques.  One of the disciplines we draw upon is that of Krav Panim El-Panim (face-to-face fighting  otherwise knowns as “KAPAP”.  One of our instructors, Tim, is the only KAPAP-certified instructor in Alberta!

Come May 4th & 5th The Forge will be hosting a KAPAP seminar with Maj. Avi Nardia (retired IDF).  We expect to have participants from a number of local schools.  If you’re interested please drop us a line.  Cost for the 2 day seminar is $150.00 CAD / student.  Any and all are welcome.  Location and times are pending and will be posted here.  Stay tuned for more information!

Check out Mr. Avi Nardia’s site here: