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Come Train With Us in Calgary!

All Forge classes take place inside the Highland Park Community Association Hall every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM.

Tuesday | Maverick Combat Systems (MCS)

19:00-21:00 (MST) = Self Defense Concepts and Messer fighting.

Thursday | Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) 

19:00-21:00 = Primarily German longsword, with foundational skill training and Ringen.

Sabreforce Sundays

Lightsabre instruction and sparring every third Sunday of the month from 3-5pm. Follow Sabreforce on Facebook for notices on meetings!

Class Fees

$100.00 / Month for Access to All Classes (Every week Tuesday and Thursday)

$25.00 to drop in either on Tuesday or Thursday

Whether you want to swing a light sword, short sword, or learn to practically defend yourself in the street, do not be shy! We’re just a bunch of nerds who get together to practice how to hit and not be hit in many different ways! We welcome all, no matter your background, or experience.

For more information, Contact Us!


After your first week, please fill out our member form. This gives you access to member resources and helps us with administrative tasks.